Call of the Dark
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A Knight in Shining Armor

AUTHOR: SarahElaine


PAIRING: Willow/Tara

SPOILERS: Takes place sometime in season 5 after

"Tough Love". And I totally stole a line from "The


SUMMARY: The fluffiest piece of fluff ever written.

It's kinda a sequel to my songfic 3 am. Willow's

fantasy of rescuing Tara.

FEEDBACK: I insist! It's an order!

DISCLAIMER: I am not Joss Whedon. I don't own Willow

or Tara or the line that I totally stole from "The

Gift" or anything, really. Blah, blah, blah.

RATING: It's a G. It could be a Disney movie.

DISTRIBUTION: Go for it. Just ask, and you shall


THANK YOUS: First of all, thanks so much to Patricia

for giving me the idea. That's obviously vital.

Then, thanks to Alex for giving me Glory banter. And

finally, thanks to my brain-stealing, twin sister

Sarah for holding my hand as I wrote it and nitpicking

with her English Major.



The wind tousled Willow's red hair as she urged her

horse forward. Her sense of urgency deepened with

every passing moment and Willow felt that she couldn't

get to the tower fast enough. Her damsel in distress

was waiting for her, locked in the inpenetrable tower,

and Willow had to do everything in her power to rescue


Flecks of foam flew from her horses mouth and it

whinnied in protest as Willow dug her heels into it's

flanks, trying to increase her speed even more. The

horse could not endure her demands, however, and they

fell to the ground in a flurry of arms and legs.

Willow beat the ground in frustration and pulled

herself up. She put her hand on the horses neck,

using her magick to lull it into a deep sleep.

Grabbing her sword, she continued onto the tower on


As she neared the forbidden fortress, the air grew

hotter and thicker and Willow slowed her approach,

struggling more and more with every step. Her sword

threatened to slip from her sweaty grasp and Willow

held it in front of her, clasped with both hands. Her

heart beat faster as a fierce roar echoed in her ears.

Uncertain of what sort of beast awaited her, she

gasped as a huge green dragon flew up in front of her.

"I will avenge the imprisonment of my love," Willow

said and raised her sword menacingly.

The dragon stopped in midair and snorted, a puff of

smoke escaping it's nostrils. It put its clawed hands

on it's hips and stared at her.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Little

girlie riding to the rescue," the dragon hissed and

laughed at Willow.

"Now I'm pissed," Willow muttered under her breath as

she closed her eyes and started conjuring.

The dragon hovered in mid-air, confusion etched on

it's face as it watched Willow. The confusion suddenly

gave way to laughter as she watched the witche's

futile attempts at spellcasting.

"What the hell are you doing?" it asked as Willow

looked up, her eyes black.

"Sending you to hell," Willow said as she sent her

sword flying at light speed at the dragon's heart.

The dragon didn't even have time to react as the

sword hit it, smashing through it's target and sending

the dragon spinning backwards.

"Bitch!" it muttered as it shattered, littering the

countryside with pieces of burning flesh.

"That was almost too easy," Willow said as she

started up the steps to the top of the tower. She was

definitely looking forward to waking the princess from

her enchanted sleep.

The three hundred steps to the tower tired her body

but only strenthened her spirit. Her happiness was

bubbling over as she finally reached the door. She

raised her hand to knock but shook her head and

dramatically pushed the door open.

Expecting to see her beautiful princess, Willow

jumped back as she was confronted with a wretched old


"Want an apple, girlie?" the hag sputtered out and

offered a beautiful red one in her gnarled hand.

Willow accepted the apple and looked at it, turning

it over in her hands.

"This apple looks too good to eat," she said, not

looking up.

"That's what it's for, mortal," the hag said bitterly

and then cleared her throat, changing her tone of

voice to syrupy sweet. "I mean, it's delicious, my


Willow walked forward until she was face-to-face with

the hag. She gazed deeply into the hag's eyes and

lifted the apple until she was sure that the hag could

see it.

"Something tells me this apple is chock full of a

daily allotment of poison," Willow said. The hag

shook her head and her mouth fell open in shock.

"All the better to kill you with, my dear," Willow

yelled as she shoved the apple into the hag's gaping

maw and laughed in triumph.

The hag stumbled back and grabbed her stomach. She

fell to the ground and shrieked as she started

spinning and smoking. Willow watched transfixed as

the smoke changed colors and the hag's body became

smaller and smaller until the only thing left in the

tower room was a pile of smoking clothes. Kicking the

pile for good measure, Willow spun on her heel and

left the room.

She took the three hundred steps back to the ground

floor two at a time.

"Not in the top of the tower," she muttered in

between breaths, "must be in the....dungeon!"

Willow stopped to rest only for a moment on the

ground floor before she took the three hundred steps

to the dungeon.

"Whoever built this place sure had a thing for

stairs," she said as she reached the door to the


She cautiously opened the door and poked her head

into the lone cell, sighing in relief when she saw her

princess asleep on a straw matress on the floor. Her

princess was dressed in a simple purple shift but it

did nothing to diminish her beauty. Her long golden

tresses were spread out under her head and her parted

lips moved with each breath.

Willow crept up to the beautiful sleeping figure and

knelt down beside her. Willow almost shook her

princess' shoulder to wake her when she remembered the

right way to wake an enchanted sleeping princess.

Pulling her hair back with one hand, Willow placed a

tender kiss on her princess' crimson lips.

Her princess stirred and opened her lovely blue eyes.

Willow smiled as they rested upon her and brushed the

hair away from her princess' flawless face.

"Good morning, sunshine," Willow said and planted a

kiss on her princess' forehead.

"Willow?" her princess muttered as she rubbed her

eyes, trying to convince herself that her horrible

dream was finally over.

"Tara?" Willow replied.

"Willow...I got so lost," Tara said, her eyes tearing

up as she realized that her torment had ended.

"I found you," Willow answered, pulling Tara into an

embrace and gently brushing the tears from Tara's

cheeks. "I'll always find you."

Willow gently lifted Tara into her arms and kissed

her again.

"You ready to leave this place?" she asked her love.

Tara nodded and Willow walked out the door. The

stairs were not a problem this trip as Willow was

literally floating with happiness. They reached the

ground floor, where Willow's horse was waiting, fully

restored after it's magickal sleep. Willow gently

placed Tara atop the horse's back and climbed up

behind her, putting her arms around her and grabbing

the reigns. The horse trotted out of the tower and

started the long journey back to the kingdom of

Sunnydale. Heading west, the two girls rode into the

sunset. And they lived happily ever after.