TITLE: Andrew's Sacrifice

AUTHOR: Spike Girl (spike_girl@angelfire.com)


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. *sigh*

SUMMARY: In response to the 100 word challenge at http:// www.livejournal.com/community/sunday100/. Challenge: A man/woman is in the alley. She/He's bleeding.


Andrew stumbled through the alley, peeking nervously behind him as he waded through the debris.

The vampire was gaining.

Speeding up, he glanced down at the gash on his hand. Sniffling a little, Andrew stuffed his thumb into his mouth and sucked down the blood.

Wounded in the line of duty. A battle scar. Wait until he told the others. They would be impressed.

As he exited into the street, Andrew's pursuer stopped and rolled his eyes.

"It's a bloody *papercut.* Buffy said she was sorry for snatching away the newspaper. Stop whinin' and come back inside, for Christ's sake."

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