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Let’s Get Slashable: Slashing Gwen


At first sight, there’s not a lot of slash potential in Gwen: her only ‘relationships’ on the show have been Angel and Gunn. And the girls did not receive her with arms wide open: Cordelia saw ‘the kiss’ and didn’t miss a chance to give Gwen the evil eye. And Fred wasn’t too happy about the part where Gwen killed Gunn (although she did bring him back to life a few seconds later). Anyway, not slashy goodness in the surface, right?

So let’s go a little deeper. Starting with Gwen herself. She’s gorgeous, smart and funny. And she can’t touch people. Growing up without physical contact couldn’t be easy for her. As outgoing as she is, one can easily imagine her in the middle of a room, clad in red/black leather, her eyes scanning the area, watching the beautiful people around her. Looking, but not touching.

Curiosity is a healthy state, and Gwen is probably no exception. Up until players, she can’t touch anyone_ men and women alike. Some imagination and our Gwen could have imagine herself in the arms of another girl.

As already mentioned, Cordy are Fred are a little tougher to woo, having ‘Gwen tried to kill/is after our men’ issues, but what about the other Buffyverse women? Fanfiction being mostly a ‘what if’ kind of world, an past or future encounter between Gwen and Lilah, or Gwen and Buffy, or Gwen and Darla are not too far fetched. The secret is to give them a where and how and a why. What could these characters possibly offer each other? Common interests, maybe? Or just happening to meet in the middle of an adventure? Whether is just flirting, one night stand or long term relationship is up to you. Just remember any good relationship evolves with time.

Speaking of past and future, ‘Players’ would be a key episode to consider: Before this ep, she’s still needs to keep her distance and wear gloves. After ‘Players’ Gwen is a freer being afterwards, now being able to give_ and receive_ human touch. Oh, the doors that now open for her.

And of course, there’s always crossovers. Any other fandom will happily receive the idea of slashy Gwen. Gwen/Irina Derevko? Gwen/Rogue? Gwen/Xena? (okay, a little far fetched, but why not?)

So in the end, Gwen’s little appearances and lack of slash are our writing chances. Those little blank spaces are easy to gill with some imagination and the right settings.