TITLE: Lucky Night

AUTHOR: Spike Girl (spike_girl@angelfire.com)


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. *sigh*

SUMMARY: In response to the 100 word challenge at http://www.ivejournal.com/ community/sunday100/. Challenge: A man/woman is in the alley. She/He's bleeding.


"Ouch! What was that for? I should have eaten you when I had the chance! Actually..." Spike stared at her across the alley as he wiped blood off on his jeans.

"Don't look at me like that. It won't work again. I could drain you dry without another thought. I won, fair and square."

Frightened eyes greeted his.

Spike sighed, defeated.

"You'll be the death of me, love.

Glancing about cautiously, he scooped the kitten into his arms and settled her inside his duster. He scratched the small ball of fluff tenderly, wary of her sharp claws.

He loved poker.

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