TITLE: Redemption

AUTHOR: Spike Girl (spike_girl@angelfire.com)


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. *sigh*

SUMMARY: In response to the LiveJournal Sunday100 100 word challenge. This week's challenge was a theme. The end of the world.


He cried silently in the corner.

The troops readied for battle. Weapons were distributed, good-byes whispered. They prepared to confront evil--to risk themselves for countless others.

It was admirable. Brave.

What he wanted to be.

They didn't need him. He was alone. His only friend was gone, killed by his own hand. No one cared whether he lived or died.

He sat there, forgotten.

But he wanted to help. He could do something worthwhile.

He had to.

The door slammed, signaling their departure. He stood, sighing.

A hand gripped his shoulder.

"Andrew? You coming?"

Xander opened the door.

Andrew smiled.

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