Call of the Dark
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Adult Stories By Author


Bloodlust Cordelia/Spike, Angelus/Darla, Cordelia/f. NC-17.

Spike sires Cordelia and evil ensues.

The End Wesley/Lilah. R.

It's the end.

Angel JadeMailSite

Busted #32; Faith/Dawn. NC-17.

Faith catches Dawn looking at porn and is quick to show Dawn the best way to learn is to get some experience.

Five by What? #32; Faith/Lindsey. NC-17.

Faith's horny and makes Lindsey keep his promise to 'get her off.'

Me, Myself and Angelus #32; Angel/Angelus. NC-17.

Angel and Angelus are split, giving Angelus the perfect opportunity to get revenge on his souled twin.

New Girl #32; Faith/Cordelia. NC-17.

Faith has to wonder what it is Cordelia sees in Xander.

Of All the Strip Joints. #32; Angel/Lindsey. NC-17.

Angel goes to get Cordelia's potion for her and Groo, and meets an old rival in the strangest of places.

Revenge of the Evil Hand #32; Angel/Lindsey. NC-17.

Pride is a terrible thing…unless it involves sex.


Dreaming of Faith #32; Fred/Faith. NC-17.

Fred has some very intense and erotic dreams about her life with Faith in another time.

Faithful ChickieMailSite

Darla's Trap #32; Buffy/Darla. NC-17.

Darla kidnaps Buffy to entrap Angel.

Darla's Darling #32; Buffy/Darla. NC-17.

Darla not only finds herself addicted to the slayer's blood, but also finds that feeding solely off a slayer causes unforeseen side effects. Sequel to Darla's Trap

Faithful ChosenMail

Strange Bedfellows #32; Willow/Faith. NC-17.

Faith and Willow start a new life.

Minim CalibreMailSite

Coastal #32; Buffy/Faith. R.

Buffy and Faith get some time alone.

Miss EllieMailSite

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away #32; Tara/Harmony. NC-17.

Short PWP. Harmony kidnaps Tara.

Mystic SunsetMail

Welcome Home #32; Willow/Angel/Spike. NC-17.

Angel has just come back to Sunnydale and Willow and Spike go to welcome him home.

Patricia RDMailSite

The Dark Side 2; Darla/Angel, Darla/Fred. NC-17.

Fred likes a little pain in her life.

The Dark Sorceress Series #32; Tara/Darla, Darla/Angelus, Tara/Lindsey, many other pairings. NC-17.

Darla sires Tara. Angel loses his soul_ forever. A new era begins.

Glasses 2; Wesley/Fred, Wesley/Lilah. NC-17.

Wesley is never happy with what he gets.

In the Dark 2; Darla/Lilah. NC-17.

Strange things happen in the dark.

Not in Love 32; Buffy/Faith. NC-17.

Faith's fantasy falls apart.

Permanent Insanity 2; Darla/Dru. NC-17.

After the wine cellar, there’s only madness.

Long Nights #32; Willow/Tara. NC-17.

Willow remembers her lost love.

Here with me #32; Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Lindsey and Darla share a semi-perfect life, but long till it's over?

Bittersweet #32; Darla/Penn. NC-17.

The one thing they have in common brings them close for a brief moment.

Devil in her Heart. #32; Darla/m, Darla/Cordelia. NC-17.

Some people never show their true colors unless you make them.

Last Dawn. #32; Angel?/Dawn. R.

Dawn's last moments on this life. Not Pretty. 100 words story.

Sharp. #32; Lilah/Faith. NC-17.

Girls play.

Sarah aka Spike GirlMailSite

Feeling Once More #32; Spike/Buffy. NC-17

In response to Alex's fic challenge. It's located at the end.

Missing Escenes from Older and Far Away #32; Spike/Buffy. NC-17.

What REALLY happened on the night of Buffy’s party? A little glimpse into the before and after that UPN didn’t want us to see. Spoilers for “Older and Far Away,” of course :).

Spike's Slayer VixenMailSite

Strangers in the Night #32; Spike/Buffy/Angel . NC-17

Buffy mistakes someone else for Angel and there is hell to pay.

Bloody Valentine 32; Buffy/Angelus (sorta), hints of Buffy/Riley. NC-17

This story has Angelus in it and is loosely based around Good Charlotte's "Bloody Valentine" hence the name.

Bloody Truth 32; Buffy/Angelus (sorta). NC-17

Sequel to Bloody Valentine. Angelus has kidnapped Buffy. He still has one more Valentine's present for her. Warning: Character death...very dark fic!!!.

Tara Ann StridhMail

Epiphany #32; Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Lindsey claims what's his. Character death.

A little Blood #32; Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Darla wants a little blood.

Shirley Temple #32; Faith/Lindsey. R.

Faith eats and teases.

How Did You Think This Would End #32; Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Lindsey's fantasy becomes a reality.

When a Lawyer Weeps. #32; Darla/Angel, Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Darla tries to be good.

Graduation Day Part 2. #32; Faith/Angelus, Faith/Willow. R.

Faith finally gets her day to play.

Heartthrob. #32; Darla/Angelus. NC-17.

Darla feels unloved and Angelus proves otherwise.

Fever. #32; Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Darla regretfully declines a proposal.

Yellow Roses. #32; Darla/Lindsey. NC-17.

Darla makes a decision. Character death.