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Title: Bloody Valentine Chapter#: (1/1)

Author Name: Spike's Slayer Vixen

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Disclaimer: As much as I would like to take credit for them, I don't own any of the BTVS or Ats characters.

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Summary: I don't really want to give it all away...This story has Angelus in it and is loosely based around Good Charlotte's "Bloody Valentine" hence the name. Pairings: Buffy/Angelus (sorta), hints of Buffy/Riley Category: Drama Spoilers: Riley and Angel have never met. Angel lost his soul when he found out that Buffy moved on with Riley. Warning: Character death...very dark fic!!! Rating: NC-17 Author's comments: Lyrics are by Good Charlotte and the line "Howdy, howdy, fucking partners" is a Stifler line from American Pie 2. AN: Not beta'd.

//Oh my love please don't cry I'll wash my bloody hands And we'll start a new life I don't know much at all, I don't know wrong from right All I know is that I love you tonight//

Valentine's Night

Buffy's eyes widened when she saw him standing there in her bedroom, his hair dripping from the rain that was falling outside, his hands covered with blood. "My god," she whispered, her hand coming up to cover her mouth. "What happened to you?" He just stood, staring intently at her, not saying a word. Fear seized her heart, and she found herself shouting, her voice trembling. "What the hell happened to you? Answer me, damn it," she shouted, nearly choking on the words. Suddenly it began to sink in, and she sunk down to her knees, tears seeping out of her eyes and streaming down her face. "What...what did you do?" she whispered in horror. "What did you *do*?"


Earlier that day...

He watched from the safety of his car, parked inconspicuously across the street, as she ran up to a tall young man with broad shoulders and sandy hair. Smiling brightly, she flung her arms around his neck, standing on tiptoe to give him a sweet kiss on his lips. The boy smiled back at her goofily, completely unaware of the fatal mistake he was making by putting his hands on someone else's mate. Oh, but he would pay dearly.

A low, dangerous growl issued from the dark vampire's chest as he watched his love in the arms of another man. Of course, he realized that he was partly to blame for this but that wasn't enough to earn the poor boy she was making out with a reprieve. He cursed his soul again, cursed the weak, simpering fool it had fucking turned him into. If it hadn't been for the damned soul, he would have stayed in Sunnydale, maiming, torturing, and killing each and everyone of her friends to show her just how much he loved her, but oh no, that redheaded witch bitch had restored his soul and then by some weird twist of fate, he had been brought back from hell, soul firmly still in place, much to his displeasure. Ah, but the soul was out of the way now. A slow, evil smile spread across his lips. He had taken care of the thing once and for all, and now he was back in Sunnydale to claim what was rightfully his.

He watched through narrowed eyes as the big stupid lug that was undoubtedly her current boyfriend wrapped his arm around her, pulling her snuggly to his side before walking into the local cinema. The vampire snorted contemptuously. No doubt this was the stupid oaf's idea of a romantic Valentine's Day...taking his girl out to a cheap matinee movie, and then what? Maybe an early dinner at a fast food joint before he took her back to his place, expecting a good lay for his piddly efforts?

"Enjoy it while it lasts, boy," the dark vampire sneered. "You'll pay dearly for every touch, every stolen kiss, every glance you send her way. She's *mine*, and soon you'll learn that. Not that it'll do you much good after I kill you."



//He dropped you off I followed him home//

Buffy's date with Riley had gone just as the vampire had predicted, ending at Riley's apartment with a half-hearted coupling, at least on Buffy's part. The vampire had followed them the entire time, never letting them out of his site. He sat outside Riley's apartment building with his windows rolled down; it was dark now, so it was safe to do so. His sensitive nose picked up the smell of rain in the distance, as well as the smell of his mate's obvious discomfort. It was quite obvious to him from the smell of her quiet tears that her boyfriend didn't bother to notice that she was miserable in his arms. He could hear the empty attempts at moans of faked pleasure that he wasn't giving her what she needed. No one could give her what she needed but him.

It didn't take long the current object of his hate to find release as he rooted around inside her, and almost as soon as he came, she was pushing him off of her and swinging her legs over the bed.

"I had a nice time, Riley," he heard her say dully. "Thanks for such a great Valentine's Day. I'll call you later, okay?" The reply she got from him was a grunt as she dressed and walked slowly out the door. The vampire watched her go, fighting the urge to go to her at that moment, saying to hell with all of his plans, and pulling her into his arms to comfort her. His shook his head sharply, clearing those thoughts away. No, she would never accept him if he did that, not yet anyway. No, he was gonna court his girl properly and present her with a Valentine's gift she would never forget.

//Then I stood outside his bedroom window//

Opening the car door and climbing out of his car, he shut the door behind him quietly and scaled the fire escape outside of Riley's building stealthily. The vampire snorted in disgust as he peered into the window and saw that the big idiot was already falling asleep, not giving a second thought to the blonde goddess that had just brought him such pleasure. Anger boiled up inside the vampire. The fucker hadn't even offered to walk her home. He reached out, giving the window an experimental tug. The window slid up happily, soundlessly, and the vampire crawled into the window, standing over his enemy, watching as the boy lay dozing peacefully in his bed. The room smelled of sex and of Buffy, and it only served to fuel the vampire's rage. The vampire cleared his throat loudly, causing the boy to jump in surprise.

Riley looked at the tall, dark form looming over him, his eyes filled with fear and surprise. "Who-who the fuck are you?" he asked with false bravado that didn't sound real, even to his own ears.

"Ever heard of meeting your death? Well, here I am. Howdy, howdy, fucking partner," the vampire said in a deceptively light tone.

"Huh?" Riley asked in bewilderment.

The vampire sighed at how dense the boy was. "You know, you make an effort to keep up with the times, try to keep things light, try to add some humor to a heavy situation, and nobody fucking appreciates it," he said heavily. He paused for a moment before shrugging. "Oh well. Let me put this in terms that you can understand. I'm the guy whose gonna rip your fucking throat out."

"What?" Riley choked out, his heart racing. His eyes darted around quickly, looking for something, anything to use as a defensive weapon. His eyes came to rest on his taser that he always kept on his bedside table, but before he could make a move to grab it, the vampire was on top of him, pinning him down onto the bed.

"Not quite quick enough, Captain Cardboard," the vampire said with a sneer, stealing one of his childe's favorite nicknames for the moron underneath him. The vampire's eyes glowed golden yellow as his features began to morph into their true vampiric form.

//Standing over him he begged me not to do What I knew I had to do 'cause I'm so in love with you//

Riley's eyes widened with fear as he realized the gravity of his situation. "P-please, don't do this," he began to whimper, struggling as hard as he could against the vampire.

"Begging," the vampire said cheerfully. "I like that."

Suddenly, Riley felt an overwhelming sense of disgust with himself and anger at his situation as he realized that he was most definitely going to die. The least he could do was die with some dignity rather than meeting his end begging for mercy he knew he would not receive. Riley reared back a little, spitting directly in the vampire's face. "Go ahead and kill me, asshole," he hissed angrily," but you're gonna have hell to pay for it. My girlfriend is the Slayer. By the time she is done with you, you are gonna be nothing but dust blowing in the wind."

//I ripped out his throat And called you on the telephone to take off my disguise Just in time to hear you cry//

The vampire roared in anger then, that the boy had referred to Buffy as his girlfriend. With a furious howl, the vampire ripped the boy's throat out, smiling in grim satisfaction as the boy's blood sprayed up in the air like a fountain. Climbing off the boy's chest, the vampire reached for the phone, needing for some irrational reason to hear his love's voice. Dialing the familiar number, he listened to it ring three times before it was picked up.

//There was... Police and flashing lights The rain came down so hard that night and the Headlines read "a lover died" No tell-tale heart was left to find//

"Hello?" Buffy's voice came across the line. He could hear her sniffle a little, knowing instantly that she had been crying. His unbeating heart clenched painfully when he heard the sadness of her voice. He had to go to her now. Hanging up the phone, the sound of police sirens in the distance reached his sensitive ears. The neighbors must have heard the screams and called the police. Well, they wouldn't find him here. He started over to the window, but paused for a moment on an afterthought. Walking over to Riley's mutilated corpse, he plunged his hand inside the boy's chest and tore his heart out. Throwing it down on the floor, he quickly stomped on it until it burst, spraying blood and gore everywhere. Then he climbed out the window and disappeared into the rainy night.


Buffy stared at the form of her former lover, knowing immediately that it was mostly definitely not Angel standing before her. She jumped a little when someone suddenly began to pound on her bedroom door. "Buffy, are you in there?" Willow called. "Buffy, I have some bad news. It''s Riley. The police just found him dead. I-I'm sorry, Buffy. Buffy? Can you hear me? Someone ripped out his throat and his heart." When she didn't respond to her friend's words, the redhead must have given up, because the pounding and yelling stopped and her footsteps disappeared down the hall.

"What's a matter, Buff? Aren't you happy to see me?" Angelus asked her in his silky voice.

//When you mourn the death of your bloody valentine The night he died You mourned the death of your bloody valentine One last time//

Buffy began to shake uncontrollably. "Y-you killed him, didn't you?" she asked, suddenly feeling like she was going to be sick. "You killed Riley."

"Buff, don't cry," Angelus said, his voice surprisingly soft and comforting. "I did it for us, baby. I did it for show you how much I love you."

Buffy laughed bitterly at his words. "Us? There is no us, Angelus, and believe me when I say I'd really like to know how killing my boyfriend was for my benefit."

"Your boyfriend," Angelus spat out in contempt," didn't deserve you. He didn't love you like I do."

"Love me?" she screeched hysterically. "You don't *love* me! You aren't capable of love. All you are capable of is hate! How can you say that you love me?!"

"Buffy, I *do* love you," he insisted.

"You're not Angel," she said in a shaky voice, stating the obvious as usual.

"No, I'm not," he said, his voice tight.

"How did this happen?" she wanted to know.

Angelus shrugged his broad shoulders. "Found out that you had moved on. Something just snapped. Before I really knew what was happening, Soul Boy was gone and I was back in the game." He sighed heavily. "Look, I know I'm not Angel. I'm soul free here, Buffy, but I *am* capable of love. I have always loved you, but I never showed you. Look, the last time I was free, after that night that you and Angel...I was insane with anger, okay? Anger and jealousy because he could have you and I couldn't. I didn't understand...I am a demon, I'm not supposed to love...I wanted to destroy you, hoping that it would destroy the love I felt for you, too. I have come to accept my love for you now."

"So that's what this is all about? You kill Riley to show me how much you love me?" Buffy asked incredulously. "Are you that completely warped?"

"It's the only way I know to show you," he said sadly.

"You're a sick fuck," she spat at him.

"I know."

"I'll never love you."

"Perhaps not," he admitted.

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I can't live without you," he told her desperately.

She looked at him with wide eyes. "Hello! You're already dead!"

"You know what I mean," he said in an aggravated tone.

"I'll ask you again," she said, drawing in a deep breath. "Why are you here?"

"I came to get you," he told her. "I'm taking you away with me. Maybe you'll learn to love me, maybe not, but I can't be without you."

"And you expect me to just go along willingly?" she demanded.

"No." With that, he punched her hard in the face, regretting it immediately. His blow knocked her unconscious, and he had to reach out quickly to grab her before she hit the floor. Lifting her limp form in his arms, he planted a soft kiss on her lips. "Happy Valentine's Day, Buff," he said before slipping out the window with her in his arms.

//Oh my love please don't cry I'll wash my bloody hands And we'll start a new life I don't know much at all, I don't know wrong from right All I know is that I love you tonight//

The End