TITLE: Broken. Missing scene from ‘Darla’

AUTHOR: Patricia RD

EMAIL: patricia_rosemary@yahoo.com

SUMMARY: Reflections. A little drabble. What we didn’t see in the episode ‘Darla’

PAIRING: Darla/Lindsey.



FEEDBACK: Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

DISTRIBUTION: My sites, any site/author with my

permission already. Everyone else just ask first.

DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Belong to Joss, ME, Fox, etc.

NOTES: 100 word challenge. Sunday100 attacks again



He cleaned her wounds as best as he could, ignoring her crazy laugh and her nonsense comments. She was falling apart. He should have known it was too soon to send her to Angel. The bastard was destroying her.

As he was helping her up to leave the place, Darla’s green eyes fell on a broken piece of mirror next to the chair. She stared in silence at the woman she had become, heartbeat and soul breaking her wicked self. Suddenly a large black shoe stepped on the mirror, blocking her view.

"Doesn’t matter, Lindsey. The damage is already done."

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