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Title: Busted
Author: Angel Jade
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Fem slash, smut, language.
Spoilers: S7 ‘Chosen’ vaguely.
Pairings: Faith/Dawn
Summary: Faith catches Dawn looking at porn and is quick to show Dawn the best
way to learn is to get some experience.
Setting: Post-Chosen
Distribution: If you’ve had my permission before, you have it now. Anyone else,
ask first please.
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own the characters in the fic, nor do I make money
from borrowing them.
Author’s notes: Dawn is 17, almost 18 for the record. This works on the idea
that Faith stayed with Buffy, or visits her after the events of Chosen.

“Busted!” Faith sang, standing at the doorway, a big smile on her face.

Dawn closed the window on the computer screen quickly, but she knew it was too
late. “Faith…I was just…you didn’t knock! You can’t just come in here and…”

“Buffy’s sister, looking at porn.” She grinned, walking inside and shutting the
door behind her. “That’s just all kinds of funny.”

“I was not!” Dawn protested. “Not that it’s any of your business!”

“And not just any kind…but girls! You into that, Dawn? No one told me you
changed your direction too. Guess everybody’s getting the urge.” Faith said,

“Don’t tell anyone, please.” Dawn begged, realising she was well and truly
caught this time.

“Not planning on it, brat.” Faith teased. “But you sure you wanna be looking at
that stuff. How old are you now, anyways?”

“Old enough.” Dawn said, quickly. “Or, I will be in two months.”

“That right?” Faith cocked her head. “You ever done it with another chick

“What?!” Dawn screwed her face up. “You can’t ask me that.”

“Just did.” Faith pointed out.

“No, I haven’t okay? And I don’t plan on it. I was just…curious, that’s all.”
Dawn looked away as she saw Faith laugh. “Glad you find it funny.”

“There are better ways to be curious than to look it up on the net, trust me.”
Faith said, stepping closer. “Go out, find a girl and see where it goes. You’re
probably just interested because you’ve got no tits and you wanna look at other
girls to compare. Read about that somewhere.”

“I do too have breasts. Just ‘cause they’re not as big as yours…and I can’t
believe we’re having this conversation.” Dawn sighed, angrily. “If you wanna
tell everyone, do it. I’ll deny it.”

“Hey, you got the wrong idea.” Faith said, quickly, putting her hands up in
protest. “I’m up for the little one-on-one we got going here.”

“Up for it?” Dawn went pale and then a rather bright red.

“Conversation. This.” Faith gestured between them. “I’m not exactly
guy-exclusive myself, you know.”

Dawn’s eyes widened as she realised what Faith meant. “Really? I mean, I thought
maybe…but I didn’t wanna…wow.”

“Not a big deal. If I had it my way, everybody’d be into it. Makes life more
interesting, ya know?” Faith sat on Dawn’s bed, watching the girl regard her
with fascination.

“I can’t really tell Willow, ‘cause she’ll tell Buffy…or go on about being a
lesbian…or something. I’m not a lesbian. I just think about…stuff…and girls…”
She waited for Faith to start making fun of her.

“Ever think about me?” Faith asked her, eyes gleaming with amusement.


“What? It’s a fair question.” Faith protested.

“I know, but…I feel awkward saying anything…” Dawn paused for a moment before
blurting it out. “I guess I have.”

“I knew it. These slayer senses work like a charm.” She grinned. “You ever think
about fucking me or are you just after flowers and chocolates?”

“From you?” Dawn raised her eyebrows. “I don’t think you’re the flowers type.”

“Hey, I can do flowers.” Faith argued. “I’d just rather screw than make romantic
gestures. And you still haven’t answered my question.”

“And I’m not gonna.” Dawn said, with a little smile.

“So, you think about fucking me. That’s interesting. Can’t say I haven’t thought
about it, but never thought I’d hear the same from you.”

“You won’t hear it from me. I don’t want to do anything with you.” Dawn said,

Faith laughed. “Your loss. I certainly wouldn’t have said no.”

Dawn frowned. “You wouldn’t?”

“No strings attached. And no Buffy attached either. She finds out and a coma
will be the best case scenario.” Faith told her.

Dawn got excited just thinking about the possibility of actually having sex with
Faith. She’d thought about it a lot over the past year. But she couldn’t just
say yes. She couldn’t just have one fling with Faith and hope things would be
the same the next morning. “We can’t.”

“Thought as much. Maybe you should stick to your porn after all.” She said,
standing up and walking back to the door.

“Faith, wait…” Dawn said, quickly. “You promise not to tell?”

“My word.” Faith replied. “You change your mind, you know where I am.”

Dawn nodded, watching silently as Faith left her.

Looking back at her desktop, she tried to work out what had possessed her to say


“Uh, hi, Faith?” Dawn said, awkwardly over the phone. “I was just thinking
about…you know, and I thought maybe you and I could…if you still want to…”

“Dawn, spit it out.” Faith said, over the other side.

“You were right, I do want to and I’m tired of looking at it on the…well, I just
want to, okay? But only if you want to. Not because I’m Buffy’s sister or
because you feel sorry for me.”

“Told ya before, kiddo. I’ve thought about it. And if you wanna come here and
play, I’m all for it. So long as B doesn’t find out. Got that?” Faith explained.

Dawn bit her lip. “Yeah. I got it.”

“I’ll stay in tonight. You wanna come round, be my guest.” Faith put the phone
down before Dawn could reply.

“Who was that?” Buffy asked, walking in and past her sister.

“Just…someone.” Dawn quickly sped off to her room to change before Buffy could
ask any other questions.


Dawn hesitated slightly, before knocking quietly. When no one answered, she
knocked a little harder.

The door swung open and Dawn was greeted by Faith’s back, as the slayer turned
and walked over to her bed, leaving the door open.

Dawn walked inside and shut the door.

“Didn’t change your mind then?” Faith asked, smiling as she crawled onto the
bed, wearing only a tight pair of shorts and a revealing vest top.

Dawn tried not to focus too much on Faith’s body, but it was becoming
increasingly hard. “U…uh, yeah. No, I mean. I didn’t.”

“Sure you want this? ‘Cause I got a pack of cards if you’re not up to it.” Faith

Dawn shook her head. “No, no, really…I want this. You don’t know how much I’ve
wanted this…”

Faith just grinned. “Well, come over here and we’ll see about removing those

Dawn walked over to the bed, while Faith moved over, until she was kneeling on
the edge of the bed, her face so close to Dawn’s they were almost kissing. Her
hands began to undress Dawn while the younger girl concentrated on breathing,
afraid if she moved she’d mess up some how.

Faith saw the nerves in Dawn’s eyes and smiled, leaning forward to kiss her as
she continued to undress the girl.

Dawn closed her eyes and kissed back fervently, getting the courage to use her
own hands to run through Faith’s hair, holding them together.

Dawn tried not to scream as Faith swung her round, onto the bed. She lay face up
as her pants were pulled away from her, her panties going with them. She
realised she was naked and watched Faith nervously for signs of amusement. She
only saw desire. It made her feel a lot more confident, so she sat up and
watched as Faith pulled her own top off, revealing her beautifully perfect
breasts. Dawn reached out and cupped one, her fingers rubbing across the nipple
gently. As Faith moved into her touch, she started caressing both, lightly
squeezing the nipples until Faith groaned. Another kiss sparked off a fire
beneath them and they were soon crashing down onto the mattress, touching and
kissing with desperate need. Faith pushed Dawn down and kissed her neck as her
hands ran down Dawn’s side, and down into her pussy.

Dawn stifled a cry as Faith’s hand made contact with her clit, her back arching
off the bed until her muscles gave way and she crashed back down. She had to
bite her lip to keep from screaming as Faith expertly teased her clit. “Oh God,
don’t stop…” She whispered.

Faith slid a finger inside Dawn, pushing in deeper before withdrawing, then
doing the same with two fingers. Dawn couldn’t control herself anymore and began
to gasp and moan with every movement.

Faith just grinned as her hands continued to bring Dawn off, and then leaned
down, taking a nipple in her mouth. She began to suck, lick and bite, sending
shivers down Dawn’s spine.

Before the younger girl could come, Faith pulled back and moved further down the
bed. Dawn looked up, desperate for her to continue.

“Gonna taste you now.” Faith explained. “Just lie back and enjoy the ride.”

Dawn closed her eyes; her fingers circling her own nipples to maintain the
pleasure Faith had created in her. She tensed as she felt Faith’s tongue begin
to stroke at her clit, teasing it gently before her lips pressed down on it,
sending bolts of pleasure through Dawn’s body. Faith began to suck hard and it
was all Dawn could do to stay on the bed, her body began to buck so wildly. “Oh
fuck, Faith…that feels so good!”

Faith released the swollen clit and moved her tongue down, pushing it inside
Dawn. She continued to alternate between stimulating the clit and licking Dawn
out, making Dawn cry out with excitement. “You like that, Dawnie?”

“Yes. God, I love it. More, please, more. I need to come so badly.” Dawn begged.

Faith leaned back down and began to work on Dawn’s clit, sliding a finger inside
her at the same time. As her finger began to thrust in harder, she added another
one, and then another. Her tongue began to press down on the clit before she
nibbled at it gently with her teeth. As she started sucking on it, Dawn’s whole
body tensed and she cried out Faith’s name, her body shaking with orgasm.

Faith crawled back up Dawn’s body, placing a kiss on the tired girl’s forehead.
“You enjoy that kiddo?”

“Faith, don’t call me that.” Dawn whispered, grinning. “And yeah…never felt so
good before. You were amazing. But you didn’t get to come yet…”

“Just enjoy it while you can, Dawn. I’ll teach you the other side of sex very
soon, don’t you worry. Soon that hot little mouth will know the kind of tricks
that can drive any girl insane.” Faith promised.

“Can I just stay here for a bit? I’m kinda tired.” Dawn asked, softly.

“Sure.” Faith replied, watching Dawn close her eyes. “Stay as long as you need…”

Dawn was asleep in seconds, worn out from the night’s activities. Faith just
smiled, keeping her eyes on the sleeping girl.