TITLE: Comfort Food

AUTHOR: Spike Girl (spike_girl@angelfire.com)


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. *sigh*

SUMMARY: In response to the LiveJournal Sunday100 100 word challenge. The challenge this week was: the movies. ""Whether it's movie night, a movie theater, a movie themed drabble (1940's classics come to mind...) etc. If it's about a movie, the watching of movies, etc... I want to see the drabble."


"I miss her." Dawn rested her head on Spike's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and gently stroked her hair.

"I know, Nibblet. I miss her too." His voice broke. As much as he tried to take her hurt away, or prevent her suffering...he couldn't. This was all he could do--stay with her, protect her. But it wasn't enough. It wouldn't bring Buffy back.


"Yeah, Bit?"

"This is nice." She snuggled into him and they both turned back towards the TV, ignoring the movie and instead taking comfort in each other's company. It was all they could do.

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