TITLE: Playing Normal

AUTHOR: Patricia RD patricia_rosemary@yahoo.com)



SUMMARY: In response to the 100 word challenge at http://www.ivejournal.com/ community/sunday100/. Challenge: The movies.



He walks quietly across the theater, carrying a soda and a tiny box of popcorn. Sheís already there, the movie screen going alive the moment he sits next to her. They watch in silence as they share his popcorn and soda, first the reviews, then the movie itself, three hours of Tolkien fantasy. Neither one mentions there are worst thing than Sauron lurking every alley in LA. This isnít about good or evil, or even about what do they think of the storyline. This is about playing normal, failing deep inside. Then itís over. Wesley kisses Lilahís cheek and leaves.

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