TITLE: It's the End of the World as We Know It

AUTHOR: Spike Girl (spike_girl@angelfire.com)


DISCLAIMER: Not mine. *sigh*

SUMMARY: In response to the LiveJournal Sunday100 100 word challenge. This week's challenge was a theme. The end of the world.


Bodies lay in the wake of the attack. Blood leaked onto the charred pavement as silence permeated the air. Buildings were in flames, the sky was black, and the planet as it had once been known was obliterated. Survivors were scarce. The apocalypse had come and gone, and the human race was no more.

Andrew and Xander sobbed in the background, hit hard by the mass desolation. Buffy only stared in wonder.

One man, the ultimate victor, surveyed the chaos he had caused with grim satisfaction.

"Told you I could beat your high score."

Spike tossed the Playstation controller aside.

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