By Amberina


I am Slayer Girl. Which is so totally cool. Kicking ass and slaying demons and all that good stuff. See, Buffy was always, "oh, I wish I was normal, why can't I be like other girls?" That's cool you know, everyone appreciates a good angst fest now and then, but I figure why waste time moping and whining? I think it was Angel that got to her - always with the perpetual brooding, never smiling vamp guy. The moment she met him she was doomed to a life of angst and our-love- could-never-be-ness. I liked Angel, don't get me wrong, and I know that their love was as true as it could get, but neither one was big with the smiling. I smile all the time. Buffy should have dated her Watcher, too. But there's still some hope for her, I guess.


It was Giles that forced the Council to reinstate Wesley as a Watcher, as my Watcher. When Wesley left Sunnydale, Giles and him weren't exactly on good terms, but they began to write back and forth, and had become very close friends, unbeknownst to any of us. When Faith died, and I became the Slayer, along with Buffy, Giles told the Council that he wanted Wesley as my Watcher, and that was that. There was some wheeling and dealing, I'm sure, and a whole buncha threats, but it was done. Wesley was kind of in a funk in Los Angeles, seeing as all of his friends had abandoned him, when he was trying to do what's right, and he had been sleeping with Lilah, who I have only heard about, but it makes me cringe just thinking about it. He jumped at the chance to get the hell out of dodge and to become a Watcher again. There was one condition, though, and that was that he got to do it his way, without the Council looking over his shoulder at every moment. They reluctantly agreed.


I hadn't been around Wesley much, only a few times back when he was Buffy's Watcher, and at Buffy's funeral back when the whole Glory mess was going on. I had heard a lot about him, though, and I liked him from the start. He was kind, and funny, and handsome, and so okay, I had a crush. There's something about Watchers that just makes them hot. Well, at least Wesley is hot. Giles is good looking in his own little older-than-dirt way, I'll admit it, but Wesley is just - call the fire department, because he's on fire. Okay, so that was really lame, but the sentiment is there. I was hot for Wesley from the start.


I got the feeling that he was hot for me too, because when he would train me, he'd hold me, like, a little bit closer than Giles or Buffy or Spike would. And he'd look at me in this way that was kind of - is appreciative the right word? I'm not sure, but it was something along those lines.


He had been my Watcher for about three months by the time my eighteenth birthday rolled around, and the sexual tension had been building steadily with each day. When the Council showed up to give me my "test," Giles quickly told them to be on their merry way, in different, much more British terms, of course. Wesley took me out to dinner to celebrate, and sparks inevitably flew. Is flew a word? I think so, but growing up around the Scoobies, who can tell what's words are real, and what words are just apart of Scooby Speak? Anyway, we ended up back at his apartment that night. No don't be with the thoughts of sex, because we didn't have it that night. We just made out a little bit. Okay, so maybe a lot, but we stopped short of genitalia. Then we watched a movie together and fell asleep on the couch together.


When I finally went home, in the morning, Buffy was up in arms, saying she had been worried all night. Giles just shook his head, a knowing look in his eyes, and winked at me. Giles winked at me! He left the room, and I calmly explained to Buffy that I had been at Wesley's all night. The look on her face was priceless, really it was. It was somewhat between disgust, horror, worry, whistfulness, pride, and wonder, if you could take a moment to imagine that. Done? Okay. Then I explained to her that we hadn't slept together or anything, but that there was definitely something there. That was when Giles entered the kitchen again, to get more tea, and she kind of looked at him in that meaningful way. I wonder if she's got the hots for Giles? I hope so - even if he is old. They'd be kind of cute together. I left them alone and went upstairs to take a shower.


Later that day, Wes called to invite me over to his apartment to train. I went to his apartment, but I didn't get trained much that night.




Wesley is beside me in bed, looking really good all peaceful and naked, except for the sheet covering him. He turns his head just so, and I catch a glimpse of the long scar on his neck, and I softly trace it with my finger. He is so sexy, with his scars, and his accent, and his overt Wesleyness. Even though he is sleeping, I lean over and kiss his lips. They are warm and soft against my own, and I guess I woke him up, because he responds, gently pulling my down on top of him, and we continue to kiss until we have to stop to breathe. He smiles and I roll off of him, and he leans up on one elbow to look at me sleepily. "Hello, gorgeous."


I just giggle, and kiss him again, soft and light and quick, and then I curl up in his arms. As I get myself situated, the diamond ring on my left ring finger catches the moonlight that is filtered through the window, and I marvel at not just the beauty of the stone itself, but at what it represents.


"I love you, Wes," I say as I snuggle in closer.


Wesley wraps his arms around me tighter and his voice is so loving as he says, "I love you, too, Dawn."




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