Call of the Dark
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TITLE: So Close, so far away.

AUTHOR: Patricia RD



PAIRING: Wesley/Lilah.


SUMMARY: Good bye is for best, isn't it? Happens during 'Habeas Corpses'

DISCLAIMER: Not my characters.

DISTRIBUTION: My site. List sites. Anyone else ask first please.

NOTE: Another sunday100 drabble. This weeks' theme 'Goodbyes'

There were no good bye kisses, hugs, or sweet words. Not that either one of them expected them. Wesley told her to leave town, Lilah told him Connor was still inside the building.

As each went their separate way Lilah called his name. There was a longing in her voice, a wish to say things she might regret later. She didn't speak. She couldn't afford one more weakness. He didn't ask her to speak either. He was thinking of the sake of his friends.

They both walked away with a heavy heart, good bye being the lesser of two evils.