Call of the Dark
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11/22/03 Small technical problem at the Wallpaper area: the thumbnails aren't visible, but the wp are still there. There's a new Fred one and I will try to fix the bit as soon as possible. New stories: Busted (Faith/Dawn NC-17) by Angel Jade. And Coastal (Buffy/Faith R) by Minim Calibre

09/27/03 We just won Best Fanfiction Site at the Judgement Awards.

09/20/03 Bloody Valentine and Bloody Truth (Buffy/Angelus, sort off. NC-17) by Spike's Slayer Vixen. New Site of the Month. New links

08/27/2003 New layout! Isn't it pretty? I still have a lot of update ahead, but so far I've added all the Site of the Month plaques. Yahoo Groups, Submission information, credits, disclaimer and tagboard can be found in Site.